About me

Who am I?

My name is Andrea Nardi. I have three nationalities: Italian, Japanese and American.
I am Italian because my father is Italian (jus sanguinis), I am Japanese because my mother is Japanese (jus sanguinis), and I am American because I was born in the US in Boston (jus soli).

I speak fluently English and Italian. I can speak some basic Japanese, but I learned it by only talking to my mother, which means that it would be a very basic form of Japanese, the essential for my basic cohabit with my mother. In this form of Japanese, words that I do not know in Japanese are often times substituted to English or Italian words.

I love everything that is tech and IT related. This includes electronics, networking, machine learning, app development and etc… . It is a pity that I never have enough time to learn everything.
I think my love for tech is, what it is, because it is one of the few subjects that allows me to express my creativity without overhead costs or time. All I need to have to create a new application is a laptop.

I also love math, especially the power of math combined with computers.
Have a definite integral that has no indefinite integral of closed-form expression? No problem, your computer and your favorite programming language are there for you to numerically compute it.
That is not to say that anybody with a computer is a mathematician. Mathematics is a vast and complex field. Not every problem can be solved with a computer and it takes a lot of craftiness to solve certain problems.

In this blog I will talk about my personal experiences, but this blog is also a personal experiment and you might see stuff not commonly present in blogs 😉.

Hope you will enjoy your stay in my blog.