I Graduated 🎓

I Graduated 🎓

I Graduated!!!

For all my followers out there, I graduated!!!
I made this post a bit late, given that I graduated the 30th of June 2019.
I graduated in “Data Science and Knowledge Engineering”.
It might sound strange, but I felt like my graduation was more of something that was going to happen eventually, then something I worked hard for.

What I think of my bachlor

I did my bachlor in Maastricht University.
I thought the bachelor there was really fun, the environment is really international and the courses were really interesting. Maastricht is close to both Belgium and Germany, making low-cost trips to somewhere new really easy. Also Maastricht University was easier to apply as a international student, then other Dutch University, but at the same time, Maastricht University is a good gateway to dutch university, which in my opinion have one of the best education regarding technology.

What now?

I am currently doing my masters at TU Delft.
Even though Maastricht had a great bachelor program, TU Delft is better supplied with mathematics courses. Also TU Delft has a better ranking over all, and Maastricht University’s ranking is steadily falling. Those are my main motivations for choosing TU Delft for my masters.