Trip to Poland

I celebrated Christmas with my roommates, Maria, Wim and Haniene. One of my roommates, Maria, is polish and we celebrated Christmas at her home town, Szczecin.
When we arrived to Szczecin, we were warmly welcomed by Maria’s parents. We had Christmas dinner with them and ate traditional Polish Christmas dinner. My roommates and I during the Christmas dinners, we got affectionated with Maria’s dog, Kama.

During the stay in Poland, we resided at Maria’s parents friend home. Some of the things we did while we were in Szczecin were visiting the Szczecin National Museum, Monument Deed of Poles and the Amphitheater. One of the cool things I found in the Szczecin National Museum is a painting of the Duomo di Siena, the Cathedral of my home city. Maria met with her High School friends again, at a Christmas tea party that Maria and her friends celebrate every year. Me and my roommates joined the tea party, it was a cool experience and I got to know new people, the Polish language and its culture.