Solve a Kid Puzzle With an Over Engineered Solution

The puzzle My roomate bought me a kid puzzle, from the second hand shop. The puzzle consists in putting the puzzle pieces in a 3x3 grid, such that all the animals on the edges match. It might look like an easy puzzle, but once, trying to solve the puzzle with my friends, we took a good 30 min to try to solve the puzzle. I already gave up on the puzzle after 5 min of trial, after I realized there are \(9! [Read More]

What Is an Integer Linear Program

What is an ILP (Integer Linear Program) Introduction ILP stands for integer linear program. ILP are special way of stating an optimization problem for an ILP solver to solve. ILP are formulated such that there are a certain number of variables defined, there is an objective function that we want to maximize or minimize and there are linear constrains to the variables. What does the objective function usually look like? [Read More]